Personalized Press-Ready PDFs From Industry Standard XML

Industry Standard XML Using an XML grammar incorporating features of XHTML, CSS and SVG - PDF Constructor creates single or multiple page PDF documents using existing or dynamically-created raster, vector and text content.

Press-Ready Build PDFs with content that is ready to go to print. Use CMYK and Spot colors. Specify the Bleed and Trim. Use Type 1, TrueType or OpenType fonts - always embedded and optionally subset.

Interactive Produce web or screen ready documents with bookmarks, hyperlinks, actions and JavaScript. You can even build complete Acrobat Forms dynamically.

Images & Vectors Include JPEG and TIFF images in any colorspace and resolution. Apply your choice of transformations to ensure the image fits correctly into your layout. Include SVG drawings directly or by reference. Specify individual pages or entire PDF documents as new content or as a template on which to add new elements.

Rich Text Paragraph and character styles based on CSS2 can be specified for flowable content. Common text can be used with dynamically specified replacement tokens.Modern PDF FeaturesIncorporate some of the newest features of PDF including Layers (Optional Content Groups) and Transparency when authoring your documents.

Specify User Units and Object Properties to enable richer AEC content for architectural and engnieering documents.

Metadata Add metadata including author information, dates and copyrights. Includes full support for Adobe’s XMP standard current with PDF 1.6

Security Protect your PDF files from unauthorized access for use with Acrobat-compatible security settings.

Availablility All orders will be filled in minutes by email. If physical media is requested, those orders are usually filled within one business day.

PDF Constructor

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