The Ultimate PDF Repurposing and Workflow Automation Tool

PDF Enhancer is a high-volume software utility that optimizes PDFs for a particular purpose. PDF Enhancer streamlines any PDF workflow by automating the most common document assembly and preparation tasks. Whether you are producing high quality printed material, an electronic edition of a magazine or newspaper, a sales brochure or technical document, a slide presentation, a legal filing or product catalog - PDF Enhancer will produce the highest-quality, smallest, most reliable PDF documents possible.

Resize and Impose Pages - PDF Enhancer can resize (A4 to letter), crop and rotate pages. Use the imposition features to create booklets, n-up and step-and-repeat layouts.

Stamps, Watermarking and Page/Bates Numbering Use PDF Enhancer to add page numbers or Bates numbering with complete control over the formatting, location and appearance of the numbers. Stamps and watermarks can be added to the foreground or background at any location, angle, size, transparency or layer.

Font Handling - PDF Enhancer can embed and subset fonts in a PDF file. Enhancer can also convert fonts to outlines while retaining full text search capabilities.

Color Management - PDF Enhancer incorporates a color management system which fully supports ICC profiles and many powerful options to insure the high-quality color possible. Convert RGB to CMYK for printing, CMYK to RGB for web or screen use. Devicelink profiles allow precise control of CMYK to CMYK conversions.

Security - Protect your PDF files from unauthorized access or use with Acrobat-compatible security settings with 40, 128 and 256-bit encryption. The Advanced Server Edition can also digitally sign a PDF.

Metadata - Add or modify metadata including author information, dates and copyrights. PDF Enhancer fully supports Adobe's XMP metadata standard.

Document Assembly - Build a new document from PDF documents and scanned pages. PDF Enhancer's Merger makes it easy to select source files and set page order.

Images Downsampling and Compression - Images make up a significant percentage of the size of a typical PDF file. PDF Enhancer can reduce the size of PDF files by reducing the resolution of those images to match specific quality requirements and by compressing the images. Enhancer supports both lossy and loss-less compression including JBIG2 which can reduce the size of scanned pages by more than 90%.

PDF Enhancer 3.9
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PDF Enhancer Advanced Server EditionThe Advanced Server Edition includes all the features of the Professional Edition but adds a command-line application and supports an unlimited number of hot folders. A Windows COM/.NET version and Java interface on Solaris, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X are also available. in Addition, the Advanced Server Edition has support for removal of elements outside of a designated PDF page box, Selective Rasterization to rasterize particular elements within a PDF, Digital Signature support for security, Spot Color mapping for specific conversion, and the ability to repair font toUnicode tables.

PDF Enhancer Advanced Server Edition
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Annual Support for PDF Enhancer Professional EditionOne-year of telephone/email support (during Apago's business hours M-F 9am - 6pm Eastern Time) and all software upgrades.

Annual Support for PDF Enhancer Advanced Server EditionOne-year of telephone/email support (during Apago's business hours M-F 9am - 6pm Eastern Time) and all software upgrades.